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Pg 2. Optional Services fee sheet


I hereby apply for membership and the resultant rights and privileges therein. I understand my name(s) and phone number(s) will be listed in the Member Directory available to Members only and is not used for solicitation purposes. Membership is annual by nature and will auto-renew annually each July 1st unless a 30 day written notice of resignation is given by June 1 should you wish to not renew for the next year. I understand. * I understand
I WOULD LIKE TO APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE FOLLOWING CATEGORY: * Social $160/month. One-time $1000 Initiation
Jr. Single Golf (21-35yrs) $226/m. Initiation:$4000 paid in installments or $3,500 if paid in full
Jr. Family Golf (21-35yrs) $301/m. Initiation:$4000 paid in installments or $3,500 if paid in full
Single Golf (36yrs-up) $283/m.Initiation:$4000 paid in installments or $3,500 if paid in full
Family Golf (36yrs-up) $376/m. Initiation:$4000 paid in installments or $3,500 if paid in full
2nd Golf Club Membership $182/m. Initiation: $2000
Full Name
Date of Birth
City, State
Zip code
Does spouse golf? Yes
Would be interested in the Free Golf Clinics and learning
Spouse Name
Spouse Email
Spouse Date of Birth
Spouse Employer:
Spouse Job Title:
Unmarried Children (26 years and under):
Child #1 Name & DOB:
Child #2 Name & DOB:
Child #3 Name & DOB:
Child #4 Name & DOB:
Child #5 Name & DOB:
I would like to add the following services to my account: Men's Golf Association $100/year (required with Golf Membership)
Men's Locker Rental-Half $85/year
Men's Locker Rental-Full $125/year
Men's Club Care-Bag Storage $115/year (required with Golf Membership)
Men's Handicap Services $35/year
Ladies' Golf Association $35/year
Ladies' Locker Rental-Half $40/year
Ladies' Locker Rental-Full $80/year
Ladies' Club Care-Bag Storage $115/year
Ladies' Handicap Services $30/year
I would like to be contacted by a Men's Golf Association Ambassador
I would like to be contacted by a Ladies' Golf Association Ambassador
Pull Cart Storage $50/year
Jr. Club Storage $35/annually
A semi-annual food minimum ($300) and 1 year commitment is required for all Membership Levels. (1)Club storage (1) Men's Golf Association, and Hole-in-One Fund participation is required per Golf Membership. * I understand.
Requested start date:
Membership bylaws require the Member to pay dues and all other additional ancillary charges to your member account by auto billpay. First months dues and initiation due at enrollment. Credit card: Visa   Mastercard   Discover   American Expresss  
Credit Card Number:
Credit card expiration Month/Year:
Credit card holder full name:
Credit card billing zipcode:
Referred by:
I hereby apply for membership at The Field Club of Omaha. If this membership application is accepted, I agree to comply with and be bound by the Club’s Rules and Regulations as they may be amended from time to time. I understand and agree that if the Club does not accept this application, all funds paid for the membership will be promptly refunded, and this application will be cancelled and will not be binding on either party. The Club reserves the right to decline this membership application at any time in its sole discretion. If my application is approved my membership will begin on the date a duly authorized representative of the Club executes the “Approved By” line. Approved by_________________________on this ____date of _______, 2017. If enrolling under a $0 down program, the Member agrees to pay the stated dues selected above with 36 month commitment. Initiation fee is set payable within these installments monthly and continuing monthly on the 21st of each month thereafter until the amount is paid in full at the end of the 36 month term. In the event the Member shall default contract obligations without board approved leave of absence, the remainder Initiation fee is immediately due. I understand.
If this is a Corporate Membership, please indicate Corporation:
Are you the son or daughter of a current Field Club Member?
If yes, please indicate Member Name and Number.


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